Current Events Briefing
Each student will have their turn on Monday or Thursday to brief the class on a significant current event.
Presentation dates to pick from will be provided.
1.Find a recent current event that connects with one of categories (see next page) and class content.
2.Research your event. To make a quality presentation, you’ll need to read multiple articles.
3.Create a Presentation for the day of your presentation.
DON’T include bulleted lists. There should be very minimal text. I don’t want to watch you do “Powerpoint Karaoke.”
DO include images/political cartoons/infographics.
DO include YouTube videos (:90 max).
DO include the category or categories that you are connecting your event to (it’s OK to use text here). You should also connect your current event to content you have learned in your other core classes (Science, Math, English, or Social Studies).
DO cite your sources (it’s OK to use text here).
4.Upload your presentation to Classroom.
5.On the day of your presentation, load up your Slides during passing time and be ready to start when the bell rings.  You have 5 minutes to share the event and answer questions.
6.Grading - 20 points total
■4 points being ready on your assigned day & having your Presentation on Classroom.
■8 points - Quality of your Slides Presentation - Did you follow the suggestions above?
■8 points - Quality of analysis:
○Did the student clearly tie their event to one of the course themes (see next page)?
○Did the student EXPLAIN what the current event teaches us about the US Government? Did they EXPLAIN why it is significant?
○Did the student connect the current event to classroom content or anticipate future classroom content?
Grading Rubric: Nothin’ but Net - Made the Shot - Missed the Shot - Airball.
Recommended Sources:
New York Times - Politics
Politico - Politics News Aggregator
CNN - Politics
■Fox News

Current Event Categories
  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business
  • Economics
  • Environment
  • Local
  • Politics
  • Pop Culture
  • Science
  • Sports
  • Technology
  • U.S.
  • World