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7th Grade Supply List 2023-24

Hot Springs Middle School Supply List 2023-24

7th Grade Supply List

Pencil pouch to hold the following items:

Pencils, scissors, highlighter, 2 glue sticks, 1 large eraser or pencil top erasers, set of 12 colored pencils or twistable ones.

1X Composition notebooks (Social Studies)

2X Three prong folders, plastic (Social Studies)

1X Two inch 3-ring binders (Science,

1X 2 Inch binder (Zipper one for English)

2X Non-Spiral notebooks for math

1X packs of Loose-Leaf Paper (Science,

1X Five pack of tab dividers (Science)

1 set of earbuds with a computer jack (no Bluetooth capabilities)

2X   Large boxes of Kleenex (Advisory)

2X large containers of Clorox Wipes (Advisory)

Concert Blacks (Choir)