Welcome to Hot Springs Schools Special Service Department

Hot Springs Schools Special Services department provides a wide variety of services to students with disabilities.
Our programs include instruction in self-contained special education classrooms, resource rooms, and
general education classrooms. Self-contained classes provide intensive instruction and support according
to the individual student's program. Resource rooms provide differentiated instruction in small group settings.
In-class support is a collaborative teaching model utilizing the expertise of both general education,
special education teachers and paraprofessionals. The district also provides speech therapy, occupational
therapy and physical therapy as related services.

The Multidisciplinary Team is a group of professionals involved in the identification, evaluation, and
classification of students in the school district that might qualify for special education services.


Special Services Director

Jacquie Schniers


(605) 745-5028

Special Services Secretary
Special Education Assessor/504 Coordinator

Lisa Miller
Heather Hunsaker


(605) 745-3512
(605) 745-1204

Preschool Teacher
Early Childhood/Preschool Special Ed Teacher

Amanda Estep
Cheryl LaMont


(605) 745-4149
(605) 745-3512

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Jamie Erskin


(605) 745-4149

Elementary Special Education Teacher

Krista Ramacher


(605) 745-4149

Middle School Special Education Teacher

Tori Fulton

(605) 745-4146


Kris Kirchgasler (605) 745-4146

High School Special Education Teacher
Occupational Therapist
Physical Therapist
Speech/Language Pathologist
School Psychologist

Nancy Smith
Brenda Selan
Lisa Thompson
Betty Hagen
Dennis Hanken

(605) 745-4146
(605) 745-3512
(605) 745-8920
(605) 745-3512
(605) 484-8408



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