Mr. Doug Gaulke
Lakota Language I
Lakota Language II
Lakota Culture/Activities

Online  High School Courses


It is my belief that teaching students about the local culture, language, environment, and history is paramount for kids to understand who they are and where they come from.  In our schools, this involves the history/culture/language of the Lakota Nation, as well as knowledge of the local landscape and ecosystems.  Integrating these connections into curriculum will ensure that students will have a real connection and understanding to the landscape and culture which molded their community into what it is today.


UW-Whitewater 1995
B.S. Physical Geography

Prescott College 1998
M.A. Environmental Education

At Present:

I am currently assisting with the oversight of online courses within the high school utilizing Edgenuity Common Core classes.  In addition, I am helping with the development of our new Native American Studies electives, which presently include Lakota Language, Lakota Culture/Activities, and Native American Art.  Within the framework of our growing Native American Education Program, our Cultural Liaison and I are also working with the Hot Springs Native American Parent Committee in order to administer funding from Title VII and SD Community Innovation Grant sources that reflect the needs and suggestions from family members of our Native American student population.