Objective and Syllabus

Class Syllabus

Dear HSMS Students and Families,

Welcome to Hot Springs Middle School Physical Education, Health/Fitness and Strength/Conditioning Classes! I’m excited about the opportunity to get to know you, as well, and I’m looking forward to a happy and productive school year. I want to introduce myself and give you a little information about the classes I teach.

My name is Amanda Scott, “Mrs. Scott,” and this is my 5th year in public education. I’ve taught high school health, coordinated scholarship opportunities for seniors and assisted with the activities department for the high school. I have also had the opportunity to coach volleyball, basketball and track and field. I graduated from Chadron State College with a degree in K-12 Health and Physical Education and currently pursuing a strength and conditioning certification through the International Youth Conditioning Association.

My prep time is from 11:56-12:53, and I am always available via e-mail at Amanda.Scott@k12.sd.us I check my e-mail regularly! When you call by phone, you will need to leave a message with Bev, our middle school secretary during the day. It is difficult to return calls during the school day, so I will return your call as soon as it is practical. Again, e-mail is better during the school day if you need me to get back to you sooner.

Middle School Physical Education/Health & Fitness/Strength & Conditioning

Physical Education, Health and Fitness and Strength and Conditioning just like many other subjects, has gone through many changes. It has become more rigorous, more relevant, more inclusive and more fun! Our PE and Health and Fitness classes will include instruction in lifetime sports, rhythmic activities, recreational activities and fitness and nutrition. It is my goal to provide students with the information they need to be healthy and active for a lifetime. My Strength and Conditioning classes are only offered to 8th grade students. In this class we focus on using weightlifting equipment with safe and proper techniques, setting fitness goals, creating a weightlifting plan using students’ specified goals, knowing and understanding different muscles in the body, along with many other topics. For this class we use the high school weight room located in the Bison Center.

South Dakota Health and Physical Education Standards

There are a number of skills and concepts that students are expected to master at each grade level. You can read the Health and Physical Education Standards for South Dakota at: http://doe.sd.gov/contentstandards/ .
Class Expectations
Students need to feel safe and secure to promote learning!

  • Pay Attention to instruction
  • Demonstrate great sportsmanship
  • Be polite
  • Help others
  • Cooperate
  • Be prepared to learn (bring gym clothes and shoes)
  • Try your best
  • Attempt new things
  • Ask for help when needed
  • Move safely and in control
  • Keep hands, feet and other objects to yourself
  • Use equipment properly
  • Be aware of your surrounding
Proper Gym Attire

Students are required to dress out for all gym classes. I ask that students bring T-Shirt or sweatshirt, shorts or sweatpants and athletic shoes. Please follow the school handbook policy for dress code as well.

Daily Routine

Students will enter the Activity Center, place their cell phone or iPod in the basket provided and sit in their designated spots for attendance. They will then be dismissed to dress out, they have approximately five minutes. Students will be asked to jog to warm-up the muscles. After warm-up the students will perform daily stretches or calisthenics. From there we will roll into our main activity. At the end of the activity, students will have approximately five minutes to dress back out and pick up their cell phone and iPods from the teacher.

My grading method is a point system based primarily on formative and summative assessments, preparedness for class, responsibility, participation and sportsmanship/citizenship. Students can earn up to 10 points a day, outside of quizzes and test. If a student does not dress out, 30% of the points will automatically be deducted.  If students choose not to follow classroom expectations, points will be deducted at the teachers’ discretion. If a student does not bring gym clothes to dress out, that student will still be expected to participate in the daily activity or MAY CHOOSE TO COMPLETE an alternate assignment.  Attendance in crucial in my class. Every (4th) absence that occurs within a class period will automatically become a ZERO. Students MAY CHOOSE to complete an alternate assignment to make up this zero within (1) week of every (4th) absence.

Locker Rooms

Students are NOT allowed to be in the locker room alone during class. Students are not allowed to bring food or drinks (other than water in a clear bottle) in the locker room, it will attract insects! Encourage your student to let us know if they notice anything that seems suspicious, or that they know is not allowed. Again NO CELL PHONES OR IPODS ALLOWED IN THE LOCKER ROOMS DURING CLASS!

Locks and Lockers

Students will be asked to share lockers with a partner, due to locker shortage. We will allow them to pick a locker partner. Students will be asked to lock their belongings in their assigned locker during class. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items, although we do have a lost and found in each locker room.
Combinations can be tricky, the locks are the standard combo lock, and work R-L-R, feel free to offer help at home with any lock you might have around. I ask students to write their combo on the inside-back cover of their agenda

Sick or Injured

Write a note if your student is injured or too ill to participate in my classes. I keep notes given to me from parents throughout the quarter. If a student accumulates more than 3 notes per quarter, that student will be given an alternate assignment due by the end of class for each note given after (3).  Students with an illness or injury that goes beyond 3 days, must have a doctor’s note. Long-term illnesses and injuries will be handled individually.

Please remind your student that if they ever have questions or concerns to please address them with me.
  • If your child has morning PE classes, please make sure they are eating a healthy breakfast that does not contain a lot of fried foods and sugar, as these are the biggest culprits for stomach problems.
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me by email or phone. I also welcome appointments to meet in person. You can contact me at 605-745-4146 or .
Let’s work together to make this the best year ever!