November 1, 2016
       *November 3rd – Mr. Jamison in classroom
       *November 10th – Veteran’s Day Program
       *November 17th – PTA Bingo Night
       *November 22nd – Mr. Jamison in classroom
       *November 23rd & 24th – No School Thanksgiving Break

^If you did not come to conferences on Friday your child’s report card is in today’s Tuesday folder.
              ^Please see the note in today’s folder from Mr. Jamieson regarding his November 22nd visit to the classroom.
              ^The elementary school is collecting boxtops to help with the cost of resurfacing the playground. Please send any boxtops you have with your child and I will get them delivered to the right place.
              ^The new Evan’s Plunge calendar is in today’s folder. Remember if your child reads each week, just jot down how many minutes they read and return the calendar to school at the end of the month. I will sign the calendar and return it to your child. Take the calendar to Evan’s Plunge; it is worth one free child admission!
What We Are Learning
Grammar– Quotation marks and contractions (a couple examples: can’t, won’t)
Reading- Still discussing activating schema – Readers will use their prior knowledge to help them understand new text.
Writing- This week students are typing their personal narratives onto the laptops. Students will learn how to save to a flash drive and use some of the features in Microsoft Word.
Math- The class is still investigating what multiplication is. This week students will be using colored cubes to help them count by a multiple. (counting by 3’s, 4’s etc.)

Have a Great Week,
Mrs. Massa