Hello Hot Springs Elementary School families!
My name is John Fitzgerald and I am the principal at Hot Springs Elementary School. I have been in education for 32 years and this is my third year as the Elementary Principal. My experience in education has led me from Black Hills State University, to New Mexico, Nevada, Texas, and now back to the Black Hills.
The staff at Hot Springs Elementary is dedicated to ensuring that your child’s experiences here will be productive, engaging, and enjoyable. We cannot accomplish these tasks alone. A child’s success in school is highly dependent upon the positive relationship that is nurtured between the parent and teacher. Please keep in regular contact with your child’s teacher because open channels of communication will support student learning both at home and at school. Also, we encourage you to volunteer in your child’s classroom and participate in school activities. Another way to find out what is happening at Hot Springs Elementary is to join our PTA. 
It is paramount for parents and guardians to talk with their child about school and what they are learning. We have all heard the answer to the question, “How was your day?” My own kids even answer – “fine” without expanding or explaining why. It is helpful to ask specific questions to your child’s learning or behaviors. Some easy questions to ask at home are:
·         What was your favorite part of your day? Why?
·         What did you learn in math? How can you use that outside of school?
·         Tell me about what you read today? What do you think will happen next?
·         Was anyone playing alone on the playground today? How can you include them when you play?
·         How were you a good friend today? How can you be a better friend tomorrow?
When families show interest in their child’s education, the link between home and school is strengthened. We want to focus not only on the learning aspects of school, but the social components as well. Each child’s emotional and physical safety is also a priority of our staff and we want Hot Springs Elementary School to be a safe, nurturing environment for all students.
I look forward to working with you, your child, community members, and our staff throughout the year.  It is my hope that your child’s experiences here will be productive, engaging, and enjoyable. Please feel free to stop in anytime whether you have questions, concerns, or compliments. We look forward to seeing you!

John R. Fitzgerald