Valentine’s Day Project:  As an at home project, your child will need to create a Valentine’s box, bag, etc., using a recyclable object such as an old box, paper sack, liquid detergent bottle, ice cream bucket, etc.  I am sending home construction paper for each child to use if needed. If they need more, please have them tell me. Have fun decorating this object however you like.  Feel free to use any materials that you might have around the house remembering the theme is Valentine’s Day.  Your child’s name needs to go somewhere on it and be sure it is written in large, clear letters. It can be brought in at any time but needs to be here by Tuesday, February 14th. Have fun!  Be creative!  J
Valentine’s Day Party: The following people signed up to help with our party.
                             Treats: Trase                                Vegies/dip: Oliver
                             Meat/Cheese: Sammy                 Drinks: Ashlynn
                               Plates, cups, napkins: Kiana
Thanks in advance for all that you do to help make our parties a fun time! If anyone else wants to donate anything, please feel free to do so.  J
The classroom list is on the back. Be sure your child makes/brings a Valentine for each classmate. J