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Better Business Bureau (BBB) Foundation serving Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa is notifying you that it is accepting applications from high school seniors for the 2017 Scott Mecham BBB Student of Integrity Awards.

This year, twelve (12) students will each be granted $2,000 college scholarships: three from South Dakota, three from metro Omaha and Southwest Iowa, three from metro Lincoln and greater Nebraska, and three from The Kansas Plains area.

These scholarships are not based on ethnicity, need or grade point average, but recognize students who exemplify ethical behavior and personal integrity, and who demonstrate humility, courage, compassion and respect for their peers, teachers and community — BBB’s values.

Aside from the obvious benefit to the students, this is also a wonderful opportunity for your institution to be publicly recognized. Scholarship winners will be announced in April and congratulated at their schools and in releases to television, radio and print media.

The application guide with full details and required forms can be downloaded at http://www.bbb.org/nebraska/for-businesses/programs-services/bbb-awards-pages/student-of-integrity-award-scholarships/

BBB and its Foundation look forward to rewarding these well-deserving students from South Dakota for upholding high ethical standards. For more information, please contact BBB Communications Director Margo Riekes at 800-649-6814 #8526 or mriekes@bbbinc.org or BBB South Dakota State Director Jessie Schmidt at 605-271-2067, 800-649-6814 #8700 or jschmidt@bbbinc.orgApplications must be postmarked by Friday, March 10, 2017 to be considered by the judges.

Note: You may also access the scholarship forms by going to www.bbbinc.org and clicking on the Student Scholarships icon.