Hot Springs 8 th Grade Supply List



*Advisory- 2 boxes of tissue and 2 containers of disinfectant wipes

*1 pencil bag (reading)

*6 2 inch binders (math, reading, science, English, history, health)

*8 packages of 5-tab dividers (6 for reading, 1 for science, 1 for English)

*3 packages of loose leaf notebook paper (reading, science, history)

*1 spiral notebook-70 pages each (Math)

*Bottle of glue or glue stick or disposable scotch tape dispenser

(1 item only for history)

*Pencils for the year

*Erasers (one large or package of eraser tops)

*3 packages of 12-count color pencils (2 English, 1 history)

*Flash Drive (English, history)

*Ruler with standard and metric markings (math)

*1 colored pen-red, purple, green or something noticeable (math,


*Scientific calculator (math)

*1 pair school-safe scissors (history)

*2 highlighters-yellow, orange or pink (history, science)

*2 pocket folders (history)

*set of multi-colored art markers (history)

*1 pkg. Lined index cards (Reading)

*2 Composition Books (Health, i-ready)

* 1 five subject notebook (English)