Class Overview
Course Length: one semester          
Prerequisites: World Geography, World History, United States History
Grading: daily assignments: 45%; tests/quizzes: 45%; semester test (if necessary): 10%

     This course presents a detailed composite of what students should know and be able to do in the areas of civics and government. Students will be able to explain the characteristics of various forms of government, determine the influence of major historical documents and ideas in the formation of the United States government, identify the principles of the American Constitution, and explain the principles of American democracy. Additionally, students will be able to interpret the meaning of basic constitutional rights guaranteed to citizens.
     Students are expected to be respectful toward their classmates, teacher, and substitute teachers. Students are expected to be prepared, honest, cooperative, on-task, and demonstrate a strong work ethic. Students are expected to communicate with the teacher if they do not comprehend class topics and materials. Students are encouraged to ask questions as well as share their knowledge.