Class Overview
Course Length: one semester       
Prerequisites: none
Grading: daily assignments and participation: 45%; tests/quizzes: 45%; semester test (if necessary): 10%

     This course is designed to provide an experience with activities that young people can enjoy throughout their lives. Staying active greatly enhances physical and mental health. Emphasis is placed on the skills and rules for each activity. Students will participate in both in-class and out-of-class lessons. In addition, students will learn advanced fundamentals (using topspin and backspin in tennis, for example) and different strategies.

     Students are expected to be respectful toward their classmates and instructors. Students are expected to be prepared for class and to wear appropriate clothing for the activity. Students must wear tennis shoes for most activities or they will not participate. Students are expected to know the rules and vocabulary for each activity so that they are able to help someone else learn and enjoy the activity.