Applied Chemistry----This is a basic chemistry course in which the learning will take a slower approach to learning the basics of chemistry; ( atomic structure, balancing chemical reactions, performing and writing lab reports.   The study will also include common sense life chemistry, such as the difference in car/truck engines, different types of fuel with available energy.  Observation and writing skills are included in this class.

Chemistry----This course is designed to explore in greater detail the relationship and interactions of elements and the formation of simple and complex compounds.  Learning will include the following;
atomic structure,  the periodic table and why some formations occur and others not, balancing chemical reactions and chemical math. You will need a scientific calculator for this class as for all chemistry classes.  The majority of the grade is based on experimental work and the lab write-up that occurs duing the lab portion, following scientific method.

AP  Chemistry---This course is very similar to the regular chemistry class however the study will be more in depth. The chemical math will be more specific to the lab work.  Lab reports will be more detailed with research added as part of the grade.  Balancing chemical equations will now include all components of the equation, including free electrons and hydrogen ions and the conversion of oxygen ions to water molecules