October 15-18th
Equine Science: LDEs/Anatomy & Physiology

Monday: SAEs/LDEs
Tuesday: Nature's Giants: Racehorse 

Intro to Ag: Leadership/Public Speaking/Parli Pro
Monday: SAEs/Creed Paragraph 1/Parli Pro
Tuesday: Parliamentary Procedure/Creed Paragraph 1 
Wednesday: Public Speaking
Thurday: Creed Paragraph 2/Parliamentary Procedure

Companion Animals: Nutrition
Monday: SAEs/Pet Nutrition Notes
Tuesday: Pet Nutrition Worksheet
Wednesday: LDEs
Thursday: LDEs/Pet Nutrition

Leadership Class: Agriculture Issues
Monday: Ag Issues Work time
Tuesday: Ag Issues Work time
Wednesday: Check-in: Papers completed for Ag Issues
Thursday: Ag Issues Work time

Oct 8th-11th

Equine Science: ANATOMY UNIT
           * Objective: Students will develop an understanding of the components of the equine Skeletal System & Muscular System. 
Monday: SAEs & Digestive System Reading 
Tuesday: Digestive System Notes
Wednesday: Equine Nutrition
Thursday: Equine Nutrition & Colic 

Monday: SAEs/Officer Positions/Meeting Room
Tuesday: Intro to Parli Pro & Motions
Wednesday: Parli Pro Motion Review
Thursday: Parli Pro Practice

Leadership: CAREERS UNIT
       * Objective: Careers/Employability Unit
Monday: Mock Job Interviews
Tuesday: Follow Up Letters
Wednesday: Ag Issues
Thursday: Ag Issues

Companion Animals: Rights vs. Welfare
Rights vs. Welfare
Monday: Rights vs. Welfare reading & Worksheet
Tuesday: Rights vs. Welfare
Wednesday: Rights vs. Welfare
Thursday: Ag Communications