World History Syllabus

World History Course Syllabus
Instructor: Mr. Noteboom
Hot Springs High School
Office Hours:  Before/After School and by appt. daily
Course Description
World History is a graduation requirement offered in grade 10. This is a standards-driven course, with all instruction centered on the following themes:
1st Semester
  • Ancient Rome and Early Christianity (500 B.C.-A.D. 500)
  • European Renaissance and the Reformation (1300-1600)
  • Age of Explorations and Isolation (1400-1800)
  • Enlightenment and Revolution (1550-1789)
2nd Semester
  • The French Revolution and Napoleon (1789-1815)
  • The Age of Imperialism (1850-1914)
  • The Great War (1914-1918)
  • World War II (1939-1945)
  • Reconstructing the Post-War World (1945-Present)
Class Procedures
Every effort is made to create an engaging learning environment where all students can be successful. The ultimate responsibility for that success, however, rests the student. Students who fail to complete homework or class work may likely struggle with this course, as all assignments support upcoming quizzes, tests, and benchmark exams.
  • Students are asked to come to class with paper, pencils, and the ability to keep their materials organized until upcoming due dates.  A three-ring binder is highly recommended. Students will be asked to turn in a collection of class work, lecture notes and warm-up assignments to be graded. A three-ring binder will allow students to remove the assignments to be graded, and then return them to the binder for use later in the grading period.
  • Students (and parents) should expect weekly homework assignments. These assignments are due the last class meeting of the week, beginning of the period unless instructed otherwise.
  • Quizzes are given weekly. Benchmark exams (Tests) are given every 2-3 weeks and include a study guide about a few days prior to the exam.
  • Work that is missed due to an excused absence must be requested by the student. Arrangements may be possible for late work due to extenuating circumstances. Be sure to see me if you have a situation requiring late work.
Grades are updated weekly. Grade changes may be dramatic if a test was missed or a binder is not turned in on the due date. The grading break-down is approximately:
60% Tests/Quizzes, Special Projects and benchmark exams     
40% “Binder” (warm-ups, lecture notes, classwork)