Cross country is a sport that is open  to all middle school and high school students.  The sport is for all who wish to competitive or to learn to enjoy the activity of running.  Running is classified as a life time sport and if done the right way can really make your life healthier as you grow older.
     At the high school and middle school we compete in about 11 meets per year which would include the state meet.  We do run quite a bit but we also are in the weight room and sometimes end out at Cold Brooke Lake for workouts and some quality time in the water.  The most important part this sport is that we develop into a second family and you will make many new friends from other teams. Coach Hayes and myself take a deep appreciation of the kids who come out and we care about them as if they were our own.
     Hot Springs has had some success in the past with cross country, Dave Scott; who I consider one of the best coaches in any sport started the program, Dave lead his 1991 boys and girls teams to a state title, having the same two teams as state champions on the same day.  Dave also coached Kevin Couch to an individual title.  Josh Roberts than took over the program and led the 1997 girls team to a state title.  In 2000 I began my tenure as the head coach and was privileged enough to help a boys team to a state title in 2005.  I was also fortunate to have helped Eamin Entwisle and Eric Yeger to individual titles in 2007 and 2011.
     Our program; success is measured in what you can hold in your heart and mind; not in your hand.   Success starts with one step and what you do with that step is up to you under the guidance of your coaches and the help from your running mates and competitors.